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Insulating Flange
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Insulating Flange

Product Overview: 
At the same time insulating flange is buried steel pipeline with the requirements of electrical performance and sealing corrosion protection works required by the performance of electrical insulation of the pipe flange joint collectively. It includes a pair of steel flanges, insulation between the two flange seals, fasteners and fastening flange insulation parts and two-phase welding flange has a pair of short steel tube. 
Insulated flange joints with insulation is my company for many years for the oil and chemical industry products, it is simple, the use of safe, reliable performance, has been widely praised. Insulation flange series products have been formed, when there are special circumstances, may be based on user requirements design and manufacture. 
Second, product use 
Flange insulation is mainly used in gas transmission and distribution pipelines and gas regulator, metrology, storage and other devices, whose main role is to pipe the gas distribution segment, equipment and pipeline insulation between isolation, to protect them from chemical corrosion, extending the service life of pipelines and equipment. Products comply with SY/T0516-1997 "insulating flange design provides" standard. 
Third, product classification 
The insulation product according to their different seals are divided into pressure sealing flange-type insulation (the insulation flange-I) and self-seal flange-type insulation (the insulation flange type II) in two. 
IV Features 
1, with a buried pipeline, electrical corrosion protection works required by the performance of electrical insulation. 
2, medium in the pipe required temperature, under pressure from the work of a long-term reliable and adequate strength and sealing performance. 
3, reasonable structure, assembly, demolition, replacement parts easily. 
Fifth, the main technical parameters 
1, applies to medium natural gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light oil. 
2, medium temperature -10 ~ +60 ℃. 
3, ambient temperature -20 ~ +60 ℃. 
4, insulation resistance ≥ 500ΚΩ. 
5, the breakdown voltage of ≥ 3KV. 
6, pressure range: PN0.6MPa, PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa, PN2.0MPa, PN2.5MPa PN4.0MPa, PN6.4MPa 
7, product specifications: DN15 ~ 1400